Welcome To Micropulse, Inc.

Micropulse was established in 1988 by current CEO and Founder, Brian Emerick, in a 240 square foot section of the family garage. Since 2003, Micropulse has focused exclusively on meeting the quality demands and regulatory requirements of an evolving orthopedic market. Integrity, open and honest communication, and simply “doing the right thing” are core values that customers continue to experience and appreciate when engaging with the team at Micropulse. Today, partnerships with major, mid-tier, small, and start-up companies are supported by an ability to understand and respond to the supply chain challenges that customers face. Advanced technology and state of the art equipment makes the product - it's the employees and culture that makes the difference.

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Why choose to
work with Micropulse?

Quality, integrity, and a commitment to servant leadership have remained foundational characteristics of Micropulse. Our team embraces the challenges and transformations that continuously impact a competitive orthopedic industry that continues to evolve with mergers, acquisitions, increased regulations, and price compression.

Micropulse maintains a Quality Management System in accordance with ISO 13485: 2016 and 21 CFR Part 820 requirements. Our success as a top-tier supplier for world class orthopedic companies has been built on a foundation of pursuing continuous improvement.

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  • Senior Manager of Supplier Development
    “With every product line under one roof, Micropulse brings a level of ease to the table.  A single-line PO can deliver a machined complete, sterile-packed implant.  We don’t experience that with the rest of our suppliers.”
    Senior Manager of Supplier Development
  • Director of Sourcing
    Micropulse has earned the right to more of our business.  The service and communication that we receive are well above the standards set by the rest of the industry.”
    Director of Sourcing
  • Senior Strategic Sourcing Manager
    "Micropulse has been carrying us on our projects. Your team’s experience and knowledge are not easy to duplicate."
    Senior Strategic Sourcing Manager