First Machine Arrives
Second Machine Arrives
First Jobs
First Building Built 1440 sq ft Added 5 Employees
First Building Built
New Addition Wire Room
Added 5783 Square Feet
Around the Plant
14,200 sq ft Addition Begins
14,200 sq ft Addition Completed  Total of 27,240 sq ft 87 Employees
Around the Shop
ISO 9001 Award to Micropulse
Special Machines
New Addition - Won Zimmer Award for 'outstanding contribution to the early launch of the MIS MINI Femoral Finishing Guides
Remodel Project - Ultrasonic Cleaning
Indiana Business Honoring Excellence
Indiana Business - BKD Indiana Excellence Award
New 57,000 Square Food Addition
Remodeling Assembly
New Equipment
New Equipment - Passivation
New 47,000 sq ft Facility Addition - Case and Tray
Instrument Room
Mikron CNC Pallet
When Starting at Zero Makes You a 10
Device Maker Growing without Sales Force
56,000 sq ft New Addition - Roof Going Up
Investors Help EDC Continue Program
The First Additive Manufacturing from EOS
New Addition - Painted Floor
New Peek and Sterile Packaging Rooms
 Screen Print Oven is Placed
Sterile Packaging is Added
Expansion Completed